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Transparent Nitrogen Cabinet SDA-200S

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Product details
Developed out of a robust acrylic material, the Super Dry Acrylic Series is engineered to achieve 20% RH control. Equipped with an N²-Set, the Series can be used to store any stock commonly used in laboratories
or electronics in a nitrogen atmosphere. Transparent acrylic cabinet serves clear observation of items storaged inside, such as powder, chemicals, antiques, and so on.

Acrylic N2 cabinet, all sides are transparent, easy for observation. 



Humidity: 20%~50%RH

External dimension:  W574xD549xH792 mm

Internal dimension:  W559xD487xH737 mm

Storage capacity: 220L

Weight: 20kgs

Shelves: 2  steel shelves

Simple Nitrogen Purge System preinstalled.



Precise Hygrometer
Aluminium frame and  Acrylic body
Transparent design, Easy for observation

Light, easy to remove

TotechToyolivingis the world’s first and largest manufacturer of electronic dry cabinets/ Super dry cabinet/ dry box/ desiccant dry cabinet/ IC storage cabinet/ PCB storage cabinet/ Nitrogen cabinet/ drying cabinet/baking cabinet/ low humidity cabinet/electronic dry cabinet/dehumidifier/ dehumidifying cabinet/ LED storage cabinet/camera dry cabinet/ lab dry cabinet.


It was established in 1974 in Japan. Being an expert in industrial dehumidifying, and a specialist of Moisture Sensitive Devise (MSD), Totech operates globally to supply a diverse customer-based innovative dry storage solutions of desiccant dry cabinets. We design and supply the Super Dry ultra low humidity cabinets, with relative humidity reaching 1%RH, 2%RH, 5%RH and 20%RH.


We're constantly redefining the capability of humidity reduction technology for industries including electronics, digital media, laboratories, medical and optics.


The success of Totech business in the European, American and the Pacific area aspires us to expand the market in mainland China. And in October 2008 Totech Shanghai Co, Ltd. is establised to provide better services to our valued customers.


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