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How does ESD damage electronic circuitry?



ESD is a tiny version of lightning. As the current dissipates through an object, it's seeking a low impedance path to ground to equalize potentials. In most cases, ESD currents will travel to ground via the metal chassis frame of a device. However, it's well known that current will travel on every available path. In some cases, one path may be between the PN junctions on integrated circuits to reach ground. This current flow will burn holes visible to the naked eye in an integrated circuit, with evidence of heat damage to the surrounding area. One ESD event will not disrupt equipment operation. However, repeated events will degrade equipment's internal components over time.


How can you prevent ESD?


It's unlikely you can eliminate ESD completely from any site. However, experience has shown that the following guidelines are helpful:

Keep all synthetic materials at least 4 in. away from electronic equipment.

When cleaning printed circuit boards, use a spray labeled as non-static forming.

When troubleshooting electronic equipment, always wear a static wrist strap that's grounded to the frame of the device. Also, wear the wrist strap when handling printed circuit boards.

Treat carpets and floors with compounds that reduce the buildup of static charges.

Use static floor mats where necessary.

Make sure the grounding system for equipment has a low impedance for ESD currents to dissipate to an earthing reference.


How is Totech Super Dry cabinet made ESD safe?

1. Conductive coating

2. Conductive doors and windows

3. High end stainless steel shelves

4. 1 MΩ earth resistance wire

5. ESD wrist strap connection

6. Earth point for wrist strap


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