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Auto dry box AD-50 (25-55%RH, 50L)

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Product details


Auto Dry is used for long term storage with less door open and close. Humidity can be adjusted from 25-55%RH. It can be used to 

1. Cameras, lens, leather bags, watches, coffee, dry food, etc
2. Storage of micro-films and positive/negative films
3. Storage of antiques and ancient documents
4. Storage of electronic devices, PCB and IC packages
    before removing from moisture barrier bag
5. Storage of powdered medicines and water solution
6. Storage of micro-lens and microscope lens etc


Humidity: 25-55%RH
External dimension: W334 x D328 x H573mm
Internal dimension: W310 x D300 x H538mm
Accessories: 1 transparent plastic drawers
Drawer capacity: 12 kgs
Weight: 10kgs
Internal capacity: 50L
Power consumption: 1.9w/h
Material: Plastic top&bottom, steel body, glass door
Display: Hygrometer



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