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What is Totech?


1.    What is Totech?



Totech(Toyo Living) was founded in Japan in 1974 and it is a Moisture Sensitive Device (MSD) handling specialist. We operate globally to supply a diverse customer-based with innovative dry storage solutions by desiccant dry cabinets.


Totech Super Dry storagecan help you to:



      Protect productivity

     Avoid costly defects

     Safeguard your MSDs in accordancewith IPC/JEDEC J-Std-033C handling standards



2. Why choose a Totech Super Dry Cabinet?



Steady Humidity: The unique Super Dry technology is built into every dehumidification unit,meaning that the cabinet will remain at the operator-set RH without exception.


Fast Recovery: Recovery time is exceptionally fast, enabled by a pioneering ‘auto-on feature which acts quickly to combat newly introducedmoisture.


Air Tightness: In the event of a loss of power, all Super Dry cabinets will maintain an environmentof <5%RH for a period of 10 days and <10% RH for upto 20 days.


Low Running Cost: Desiccant dry cabinetshave a substantially lower running cost thanNitrogen. Whats more, desiccant is alsomore effective as a dryingagent.


Maintenance Free: All cabinets are portable, providing enhanced operational flexibility through mobile storage. Super Dry cabinets are maintenance free and there is no need to change the desiccant agents. All Super Dry cabinets are ESD safe for enhanced reliability.

3. Applications and potential customers



We're constantly redefining the capability of humidity reduction technology for industries including electronics, digital media, laboratories, medical and optics. Theindustries related to the above fields can all be ourcustomers.


Examples: Siemens, ZF, BASF, Osram, NEC, Hitachi,Bosch, Mazda, Sony, Motorola Inc,Inteletc.

New product: SDU series 0.5%RH.