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How to Calibrate SUPER DRY cabinet

The calibration of a cabinet can be done in two different ways:


· Exchanging the sensor. According to the effective ISO specifications it is

recommended to change the sensor every 12 to 24 Months by a new, calibrated

sensor (incl. a calibration report).

· Calibrate / adjust the offset value of the digital display.


Remark: Before calibrating, first a reference value must be determined with an additional

calibrated hygrometer (i.e. the cabinet atmosphere must be measured). Attention: do not

measure the humidity during the recycling mode of the dry unit!


1. Unplug the main Power Plug.

2. Press both adjustment buttons (“UP” and “DOWN”), and keep pressed while

plugging the main power plug again. During this time the LED display is blank.

3. Press “ON / OFF”, the current offset value will

be shown on the LED display.


4. Press the “SET” button to start the calibration, the current offset value on the LED

display will begin to flash.

(To end the calibration program and start the operation of SUPER DRY, press the

“ON/OFF” twice)

5. Adjust the humidity offset point with the “UP” or “DOWN” button: “UP” increases,

“DOWN” decreases the offset value. After finishing adjustments press the “SET”

button again. The new offset value will be shown on the LED display.

E.g. the humidity display on the digital

control panel is 3%RH, and the actual

humidity inside cabinet is 1%RH, so

set the offset value to 2 (3-1=2)



6. By pressing the “ON/OFF” button once, SUPER DRY will return to the standby


To operate SUPER DRY, press the “ON/OFF” button a second time.

Press the “SET” button and follow the above instruction from point 3 to restart the


The Temperature Display Light on the digital control panel will be on

during the process from point 2 to point 3.

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