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Aluminum Boxes

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Aluminum Boxes 

Products Specification:


Products Name: Aluminum Boxes

Material: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy

Thickness: 1 mm

Volume: 31.5L - 265 L

Weight: 2.8 KG - 12.5 KG

Color: Silver

Feature: Durable and Corrosion 

Application: Industrial , Defence, Offshore, Transportation, Emergency Services, Data Carriers

Customized: Acceptable

Products Photos:

All-aluminum alloy structure, lightweight, rain-proof structure design, protection level IP65, the lock body is made of aluminum alloy, the lock hook is made of stainless steel, with a secondary locking device, which does not trip when falling, and has an aluminum sealing hole on the side, which can be Aluminum seal or padlock, other sizes can be made, anodizing process and electrostatic spraying are optional, stacking design, easy to transport. Detachable universal wheels for easy portability. Can be equipped with anti-sponge/protective spacer, size or lining accept OEM customization

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