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As MSD handling specialist and ultra-low humidity storage cabinet manufacturer, Totech is the pioneer in the field of dehumidifying, and with more than 40 years’ advanced technology and No. 1 sales in Japan, Totech supplies series of fry cabinets and controls minimum <0.5%RH.


To meet the handling requirement fir MSDs as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, Totech brought in MP series baking dry cabinets, which can control ultra-low humidity <0.5%RH and temperature 40or 60 . And its dry speed is equivalent to that of baking oven but can avoid the damage to MSDs during high temperature baking. It can not only reset MSDs’ floor life but also be used for long term storage. Besides, brilliant features can be realized with multiple options, such as low temperature 10℃,high temperature 140 ℃,one cabinet with independent working rooms, doors with timer or password, humidity & temperature monitoring software, item trace software, etc.


The dry cabinets work automatically without consumables or extra maintenance, it is necessity for electronics, optics, automotive, chemical, aerospace, universities, and so on.

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