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PCB storage dry cabinet CSD-702-03 3%RH, 680L)

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Product details


Totech Super Dry CSD-702-03 is engineered for medium to long-term constant low humidity storage of <3%RH.

The circulation of air in the cabinet is regulated by an internal fan.

All surfaces are ESD coated in conformity with current ESD 61340-5-1 standard.

It is ideal for the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage of wide-ranging technologies and conforms with IPC/JEDEC J- STD 033D. 


2. Applications

SUPER DRY maintains preset internal humidity levels from <3~50%RH and is ideal for moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage applications, offering protection from corrosion, mold and deterioration for such items as:

* All kinds of Integrated Circuits (IC), like Monolithic, BGA, QFP; PLCC, Bipolar etc.

* Silicon Wafers.

* Aerospace related Instruments and Tools.

* Optical Equipment and Machine Tools.

* Watches.

* PDP Inspection Equipment, Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipment, LCDs, TACs etc.

* LEDs and LDs.



3.1 Humidity Range: <3% (<3%~50%RH adjustable by digital panel)

3.2 Sensor accuracy: ±2%RH

3.3 External dimensions: (W x H x D) 620 x 1840 x 780 mm

3.4 Internal dimensions: (W x H x D) 610 x 1560 x 730 mm

3.5 Weight: 110 kg

3.6 Capacity: 680 L

3.7 Shelves (W x D): 5 pcs, adjustable (ESD painted steel)

3.8 Max weight on shelf: 100 kg

3.9 Structure1.2mm Steel, ESD safe painted

3.10 Cabinet color: Gray

3.11 Door: 2 pcs, with handles, airtight magnetic sealers

3.12 ESD grounding wire: 1M Ω

3.13 Voltage: 220 V AC (110 V AC optional)

3.14 Power consumption: Ave. 28W/h

3.15 Castors: 4pcs, 2 of them with brakes

3.16 Performance of CSD-702-03 


4. Options   


41Extra shelf

Greatly increase the usable space inside Super Dry


4.2 Independent Nitrogen purge system (Model TN2-02)

Effective usage of N2 combined with Super Dry, help to accelerate the recovery time and oxidation prevention. Set the buttons on N2 purge system itself


4.3 Nitrogen valve (Model: HN2-01)

Simple N2 flow meter, 0-25L/min adjustable


4.4 SMD single rack (stainless steel)

Suitable for storage of components on tape and reel, can pull out on rail


4.5 SMD double rack (stainless steel)

Suitable for storage of components on tape and reel, can pull out on rail


4.6 Adjustable legs

Available for effective stabilization


4.7 Data logger with software (model 174H)

Data logging humidity and temperature, can read and output data by software with a PC

4.8 Humidity and door open alarm buzzer

4.9 Humidity alarm light tower 


 No.1 Reliability as Dry Cabinet in the world
1) 40 Years experience as Dry Cabinet pioneer maker
For the past 30 years no serious trouble has happened at all.
2) Over 5,000 companies and organizations users with high level of satisfaction
3) The longest term service after‐sales
We can always supply Japanese style service and the term is countless.

More than 30 years as actual result

TOTECH’s SUPER DRY with TOYOLIVING dry unit has been used by many major companies that demand high reliability and performance for Dry Cabinets with precise humidity control ability.
NASA and JAXA had selected SUPER DRY in their laboratory and production line of most advanced aerospace technology.


Flextronics, Intel, Motorola, NASA, Nokia, Siemens,

Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Renesas, Hitachi, JAXA.


All Deteriorations are closely related to Humidity!


It's not too exaggerated to say, "All the deteriorations in this world are closely related to Humidity." Every material in semiconductor factories, laboratories, and other markets can have a longer shelf life under suitable humidity

Controlling humidity using SUPER DRY from TOTECH GLOBAL enables you to maintain the quality level of the materials in various cases.



Featured Solutions



SUPER DRY: Quality retention and faulty protection against moisture damage of various SMDs and electronic parts. Moisture-proof storage of PCB boards and mounting parts. Custom order available.

AUTO DRY: Long term storage of materials and spare parts, using its gradual dehumidification up to as low as 30%.



SUPER DRY: Ultra-low storage of samples, specimens, and some living objects.

AUTO DRY: Low storage of samples and specimens, moisture-proof storage of precision measuring equipments, analytical equipments and other tools that are vulnerable to humidity.

SUPERCASE: To carry and protect valuable samples and precision equipments against shock and moisture.



SUPER DRY: For semi permanent storage of large amount of important data and footages.

AUTO DRY: For storage of smaller amount of data and images.



AUTO DRY: Moisture-proof, mold-proof storage of cameras, lenses, and other filming equipments.

SUPERCASE: To carry and protect filming, PC equipments and memory sticks from shock and moisture.



Select from SUPER DRY and AUTO DRY line up according to best suited environment condition needed for storing specific good. Custom order available.



AUTO DRY: Moisture-proof storage of alignment equipments, analytical equipments, precision measuring equipments, transmission equipments and other precision equipments. Corrosion-proof storage of metal equipments, mold proof storage of various devices.


SUPERCASE: Standard storage case for transporting alignment equipments, analytical equipments, precision measuring equipments, transmission equipments, weaponry, etc.


LED CASE: Carry the case around to the areas without electricity. It can illuminate the area for a long period of time when fully charged.

Hemostatic pad: This hemostatic pad is very effective to stop bleeding instantly.

Stab proof vest: This lightweight wear provides high mobility and full protection against knives, glasses and other sharp objects.



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