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Toyo Living was established in Japan in the year 1973. As the earliest and largest electronic dry cabinet manufacturer in the world, its brand SUPER DRY keeps the global leading position in ultra-humidity control, and it is used in more than 2000 customers in the field of semiconductor, IC, PCB, biochemistry, medicine, optical instrument, etc.

TotechGlobal is the sole official representative for Toyo Living’s product in the overseas market. As part of Totech group, Totech Shanghai which was set up in the year 2008 is in charge of all the group’s business related with China. With guideline of high quality, excellent service and innovation, we commit ourselves to providing various products with creative technology and stable performance. And the main products cover ultra-low humidity storage cabinets, ovens, climate chambers, ESD safe products, smart storage equipment, RP protection system, etc.


Brief History of Totech

█ 1974 The foundation of Toyo Living Co., Ltd. The development of dry unit started.

█ 1976 Instead of using silica gel desiccant, the dry unit, which is installed with the new desiccant, has been firstly come into the Japanese market through agents in the field of physical and chemistry.

█ 1982 The manufacturer of home electronic applicant, TOSHIBA bought our dry unit, and sold out 13.500 sets only within three months from June to August. (It was promoted on 30-second TV commercial once )

█ 1983 With the installation of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), the dry unit has been firstly come into the optical market in Japan.

█ 1987 As the usage of dry cabinet (Auto Dry, with humidity setting 30~50%RH) shift from the optical market to the field of semiconductor, the humidity setting is verified to 5%RH, 2%RH, and 1%RH. Besides, the air clean dry cabinet with a HEPA filter is also developed at this time.

█ Beginning of 1990s To meet the storage of semiconductor, the temperature baking dry cabinet is developed, for both dehumidifying and medium temperature baking. (Room Temperature 50 degrees)

█ Beginning of 21 century Enter the market of Europe and America.

█ 2006 Totech Global Co., Ltd. was established to take in charge of the overseas sales and service of Toyo Living products.

█ 2008 Totech Shanghai Co., Ltd. was set up to further expand the global market of Totech dry cabinets.

Why Choose Us

No.1 Reliability as Dry Cabinet in the world

1) 40 Years experience as Dry Cabinet pioneer maker For the past 30 years no serious trouble has happened at all.
2) Over 5,000 companies and organizations users with high level of satisfaction
3) The longest term service after‐sales We can always supply Japanese style service and the term is countless. More than 30 years as actual result


TOTECH’s SUPER DRY with TOYOLIVING dry unit has been used by many major companies that demand high reliability and performance for Dry Cabinets with precise humidity control ability. NASA and JAXA had selected SUPER DRY in their laboratory and production line of most advanced aerospace technology.


OEM Supply

TOYOLIVING’s AUTO DRY and SUPER DRY have been supplied to major, companies as OEM products. This is also available for other companies,today.

All Deteriorations are closely related to Humidity!

It’s not too exaggerated to say, “All the deteriorations in this world are closely related to Humidity.” Every material in semiconductor factories, laboratories, and other markets can have a longer shelf life under suitable humidity Controlling humidity using SUPER DRY from TOTECH GLOBAL enables you to maintain the quality level of the materials in various cases.

Featured  Solutions


SUPER DRY: Quality retention and faulty protection against moisture damage of various SMDs and electronic parts. Moisture-proof storage of PCB boards and mounting parts. Custom order available.

AUTO DRY: Long term storage of materials and spare parts, using its gradual dehumidification up to as low as 30%.


SUPER DRY: Ultra-low storage of samples, specimens, and some living objects.

AUTO DRY: Low storage of samples and specimens, moisture-proof storage of precision measuring equipments, analytical equipments and other tools that are vulnerable to humidity.


SUPER DRY: For semi permanent storage of large amount of important data and footages.

AUTO DRY: For storage of smaller amount of data and images.


AUTO DRY: Moisture-proof, mold-proof storage of cameras, lenses, and other filming equipments.


Select from SUPER DRY and AUTO DRY line up according to best suited environment condition needed for storing specific good. Custom order available.


AUTO DRY: Moisture-proof storage of alignment equipments, analytical equipments, precision measuring equipments, transmission equipments and other precision equipments. Corrosion-proof storage of metal equipments, mold proof storage of various devices.



Just Choose Totech dry cabinet Is Your Best Choice!
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