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Revolution of Low Humidity Storage!! Totech Super Dry Cabinet.


Totech use the high quality and highly reliable TOYOLIVING engine,unique fast dehumidification technology,providing the high quality Low Humidity storage products.


Why choose Totech Super Dry Cabinet


1) Ultra-low humidity 

Totech Super Dry requires ultra-low humidity keeping ≤1%RH(Dew point temperature ≤-40℃ *Environment temperature 21℃)


2) Stable ultra-low humidity

Totech Super Dry can keep constant mean ultra-low humidity ≤1%RH for 8 hours, and Totech Super Ultra series can keep ≤0.5%RH within 100 hours without door opening.


Super Dry with long term stable ultra-low humidity can make  component moisture absorption drop to the safety range of 0.1(Wt%)easier.


3) Fast dehumidification

The recovery time to 5%RH is less than 20 minutes. 

During the 48 hours, the drying time (humidity ≤5%RH) is 33 times longer than the exposure time (humidity >10%RH), so this dry cabinet can fully meet the requirement of 10 times described in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D


4) Low power consumption


Semi-conductors:SMT components such as QFP、BGA、CSP、SOP

Printed circuit board:Thin PCBs、Flex FPCs

Electronics components:LED、copacitors、CCD

Optical lenses:Special lenses, special glass, glass plate, liquid crystal board, PDP

Metal products, powder materials:Precision casting, medical materials

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Just Choose Totech dry cabinet Is Your Best Choice!
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