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Oxygen Controlled Nitrogen cabinet

Product details
NSD(D) series is with precise sensor and pre-installed nitrogen system, and nitrogen will purge as per pre-set humidity or oxygen value. It prevents moisture and oxidation for LED, IC, liquid crystal, crystal oscillator, PCB, optical components, electronic components, chemicals, precise instruments, etc.

Nitrogen is purged as per pre-set humidity or oxygen value automatically, to save N2 running cost.

Model No.: NSD-1106 (NSDD-1106)

External dimensions: W1200xD670xH1840

Internal dimensions: W1190xD620xH1560

Capacity: 1160L

Weight: 170kg

Shelves: 5 pcs, loading capacity 100kg/shelf

T1.2mm steel body
ESD safe meets IEC61340-5-1:2007 standard
Precise imported oxygen sensor, with accuracy ±1%
Set and display by digital control panel, precise control
Nitrogen system transfer working mode by humidity value or oxygen value
Door open alarmhumidity alarm and oxygen alarm available
Shelves height adjustable with loading capacity 100kg
Automatically purge N2 as per set humidity or oxygen value, save nitrogen, save running cost
Electronic dry unit can be installed as option to realize fast dehumidification and oxidation prevention. (NSDD series)
Stainless steel body available. 

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